Paragon Pro Series Condiment Server Combo Set - FREE SHIPPING!!

$ 265.00

Brand: Paragon

Product Description

Pro Series Condiment Server Combo Set

This server is stainless steel body and foam lining prevent sweating and keep products colder longer.  The heavy duty pump dispenses one ounce with each pump.
  • Removable acrylic lid with pivot hinges
  • Rubber Feet used to protect placement surfaces
  • Use for cold or no refrigerated items
  • Includes Three sixth-size steam pans, 4" Deep - larger than others which eliminate filling time.
  • Includes a red and yellow sticker to indicate ketchup or mustard
  • Unit comes in 3 separate pieces.  Includes:  1 Condiment Server and 2 Dispensers.
  • Made in the USA