KWIK Covers - 6 Foot Skirt Combo - 2 Pack - FREE SHIPPING!!

$ 39.75

Product Description

    Having an event that you need skirts for....the Kwik Cover is white and the skirt comes in various colors.  You can put stuff under the table and no one can see it.  Your table decorations will stand out with the white cover.
    • Hook & Loop Velcro-like fasteners for easy set up and take down
    • Skirt 29" Height
    • Table Cover Size:  30x72
    • 14 Feet Length to wrap the front and 2 sides of your table
    • Color Skirt comes with a White Kwik Cover for the top of your table
    • Reusable or disposable
    • 2 Pack
    • Available in solid and prints....there is an extra charge for prints