KWIK Covers - 48" Round Umbrella - 12 Pack - FREE SHIPPING!!

$ 59.89

Product Description

    Having an outdoor party or BBQ finish the tables off with great looking table covers.  No need to use the clips to try to hold the cover on.  You will not have to clean off the sauce or food crumbs when you party is over.  Just roll up and the cover and toss in the trash can - table is clean.  Keep a clean cover on the table at all times - easy to wipe the dirt off and it looks new again.
    • The Fitted Table Cover - with an umbrella hole
    • Pack of 12 Kwik Covers
    • 48 Inch Round Umbrella
    • No need for tape, staples, table clips or tacks....they won't ruin your tables
    • Disposable
    • Reusable
    • Quick Clean Up
    • Great for caterers, picnics, BBQ, outdoor table, art tables and many other uses
    • Available in solid and prints....there is an extra charge for prints ($.50 per cover)