KWIK Covers - 48" Round (4 Foot Round) HALLOWEEN - 8 Pack - FREE SHIPPING!!

$ 47.75

Product Description

These table covers are great.  Do you have an ugly table that you don't want others to see - with these covers it won't matter what the table underneath looks like - the Kwik Cover makes it look fantastic.  You don't need to clips to keep the cover down - and it you are like me you can't find them or they don't match the others you found.  Pack comes with 4 Black and 4 Orange Table Covers (60" Round)

 Having a Halloween party or you just like Black and Orange combination - this party pack is for you.  Decorate your tables with these colors.  No need to worry the table cloth will move if you are doing something messy - like cleaning out pumpkins - they aren't going anywhere.  The elastic corners hold the cover in place.  Having a craft party they work great for that too.  Paint, glitter, glue, markers - have fun without the worry.

  •         Pack of 8 Kwik Covers - 4 Black and 4 Orange
  •         The Fitted Table Cover
  •         Size:  60" Round
  •         They won't blow off in the wind
  •         No need for tape, staples, table clips or tacks - You won't ruin your tables
  •         Disposable
  •         Reusable
  •         Quick Clean Up
  •         Great for Caterers, picnics, BBQ, outdoor tables, art tables, conventions, and many other uses