Bissell Cordless Electric Sweeper - FREE SHIPPING!!

$ 147.98

Brand: Bissell

Product Description

Bissell Cordless Electric Sweeper

Need a light cordless sweeper to get all that pet hair and crumbs that likes to stay around.  This cordless electric sweeper is a fast way to pick up all that unwanted dirt.  It weighs 4 pounds so it is easy to carry from room to room without putting a strain on your back or knees.

  • Battery run time - 90 Minutes
  • Titanium bushings for brush roller (will not wear out like brass bushing)
  • Laser balanced brush roller & wheels for smooth & even operation
  • Non slip geared belt
  • Telescoping handle that makes operating comfortable
  • Dust bin designed to seal dust from leaking into motor housing
  • Dust bin capacity - 17 ounces