Why You Absolutely Need a Bounce House at Your Event

One of the hardest things about hosting family-friendly events is making sure there are enough family-friendly things to do. You need to find the right balance of fun for kids that isn't going to bore grownups (or make them want to leave your event ASAP). We've worked with a lot of event coordinators over the years, and one thing they say is that if you host an annual event that's family friendly, you need to invest in commercial inflatables.

We carry a great selection of commercial inflatables, from sports themed to castle themed and everything in between. One of the most enduringly popular commercial inflatable products is the bounce house. Bounce houses can bring a lot to your event! 

What a Bounce House Does for Your Event

Makes your event more fun. 

Your event could have face painting, pony rides, tons of great food and great decorations, but there is nothing that's as much fun as a bounce house. Kids love to play in them for hours, and adults love them because they are safe for most children to play in on their own (giving the adults a chance to sit down and catch their breath!). Kids will rave about your event when it's over and remember it when it comes around next year, encouraging repeat visitors year after year.

Increases your event attendance. 

Bounce houses aren't just a lot of fun, they are also great marketing for your event. Thanks to the size and brightly colored design of the bounce house, people (including kids!) will be able to see the bounce house from outside of your event and get excited about attending. That can increase your foot traffic and walk-up ticket sales. If they know you normally have bounce houses at your event, they'll remember if from previous years and want to attend again. 

Brings in more money. 

All of that extra attendance means one thing: more profit! The draw of the bounce house directly translates into your event being a bigger financial success. That's great whether you are hosting a for-profit event or a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. The investment in a bounce house can pay off in a big way for event organizers, which is why these commercial inflatables continue to sell well in our online store. 

Free Shipping On Commercial Inflatables!

By investing in a bounce house or other commercial inflatable, you'll be investing in the future of your event. Make your event more fun, increase your attendance numbers, and become more profitable with the right inflatables. Check out our great selection of commercial inflatables in our online store and find the ones that are right for your budget and your event. From baseball pitching stations to bounce houses big enough for even the adults to join in on the fun, we have it all and it all comes with free shipping. Place an order for your inflatables in our online store today or call us to place your inflatables order over the phone at 844-438-3222.