Who Invented the Inflatable Bounce House?

The sight of an inflatable bounce house brings joy to almost any party guest. Today bounce homes come in a variety of styles and sizes. We carry a myriad of commercial inflatables, from a simple bounce house to a massive bounce house / slide combo, we have it all. But just how did this bounce house phenomena get started? Who was it that actually invented the inflatable bounce house children have grown to love so much? Learn the answers here.

An Accidental Discovery

Like most great inventions, the inflatable bounce house was not actually created on purpose originally. In fact, the inventor of the bounce house was busy working on an entirely different invention at the time of his discovery. John Scurlock was a mechanical engineer living in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was a pioneer of inflatables and worked on a variety of important projects. In 1959 Scurlock was busy experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts. During the process, he made a surprising discovery: his employees were jumping on the covers having a grand old time. Scurlock was inspired and the inflatable bounce house was born. Scurlock went on to create many more important inflatables and is even credited with the invention of the safety air cushion now used by fire and rescue departments. This air cushion is used to catch people jumping from large heights.

The Bounce Houses of Today

Scurlock discovered many years ago just how much fun people have jumping around on inflatable things. This fun has continued on and today inflatable bounce houses are enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are considering buying a bounce house now, you are afforded a huge variety of options. A far cry from the first tennis court cover, inflatables have come a long way. Looking for a bounce house for sale? Consider all these fun options available through our online store:
  • Castle Combo: This fun and colorful bounce house is designed like the castle of your kid’s dreams. It features a combination bounce house and slide. Also ncludes free shipping!
  • Large Soccer Bounce & Slide Combo: Check out our soccer themed bounce house. This inflatable bounce house is perfect for your sport’s enthusiast and features a double slide. Includes shipping for free.
  • Mini Loader: If you are looking for a fun construction themed bounce house, this is the perfect bounce house slide combo for you. Save money with our free shipping on this product.
  • Tropical Bounce Combo with Pool: For a palm tree themed bounce house, check out this extra special inflatable. Not only does it feature a bounce house and slide, it also comes with an inflatable pool. Enjoy the summer a little more with this fun tropical inflatable. Features free shipping.

As you can see the bounce house has evolved a long way. If you are interested in any of the above inflatables but have more questions, feel free to contact our team. We look forward to helping you find the inflatable bounce house of your dreams.

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