What to Clean Your Bounce House With

Did you recently buy a bounce house? Are you hosting a birthday party soon where kids will be jumping up and down for hours on end in your new inflatable bouncer? Perhaps you rent out your commercial inflatable for a variety of events. No matter what you use your bounce house for, it is important to know how to properly clean your bounce house. No one wants to use a bounce house that has been breeding germs. Learn how to rid your bounce house of grime with the right cleaning tools.

Step One: Work While Inflated

When you decide to clean your bounce house, it needs to be inflated. Begin by entering the bounce house when it is inflated and remove any debris you find. You can use a shop vac to clear out dirt and small debris. Use this time to collect any items possibly left behind like hair ties, toys, and other trinkets. During birthday parties, kids tend to leave behind more than you might realize. Removing this debris before you deflate the commercial inflatable will not only make the next time you use it more pleasant, it will also protect the material from becoming damaged. Use a crevice tool to clean out small seams throughout the bounce house.

Step Two: Disinfect

As we all know, kids can carry around a host of germs and bounce houses are at risk for breeding these germs if they are not disinfected properly. Not only are germs a concern, but kids who have been eating cake and candy may place their sticky hands all over the inflatable house. Use a cleaning product like MatKleen which is created for cleaning vinyl surfaces. Read the manual that came with your commercial inflatable to determine what product is best to use. Carefully clean each part of the bounce house’s surface with the cleaning agent.

Step Three: Deflate and Store Safely

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the commercial inflatable, deflate it and find a safe place to store the unit. Try to store your bounce house in a location where it will not be affected by sun, rain, or exposed to debris. If you keep your bounce house stored in an enclosed, safe space, you can keep it clean until the next time it is used. If your bounce house does gather dust during storage, wipe it down using a wet cloth once it is inflated again. If you are looking for an inflatable bounce house for sale, check out our inventory. We can help you get your next party started with a fun inflatable. Remember, the better you take care of your bounce house the longer it will last.