Tips for Preparing for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is fast upon us. With Halloween kicking off this festive time of year, the busy season of parties and family activities has arrived. Whether you are planning a large outdoor Thanksgiving feast, or a big party to kick off the New Year, there is no time like the present to begin planning. From choosing where to buy your party supplies to setting up the last of your party tables and chairs, there are a myriad of decisions to make before you are ready for the first guest to arrive. As your trusted online party outlet with a variety of party goods, including event tablecloths, pop up and party tents, and more, we are here to help you navigate the busy season. Check out these tips for preparing for holiday parties.

Start with a List

The best place to begin is with a list. The holidays can be stressful enough, but if you wait until the last minute to pull together the details of your party, you will undoubtedly suffer from much higher levels of stress than necessary. When making your list, take into consideration the following:
  • How many guests are you inviting?
  • How much do you plan to feed your guests? I.e. Will you be serving appetizers or a full meal?
  • Do you plan on providing drinks?
  • Will there be kids at your party?
  • Are you hosting inside or outside? If the weather permits in your climate, consider an outdoor party, which is easier to clean up and allows for more space for your guests.
  • Do you plan to hire any outside help?
During the process of brainstorming, write down anything that comes to mind. Even if you feel like there is no way you’d forget about purchasing the party canopy for your New Year’s party, write it down. You might be surprised at how easy it is to forget anything from large to small details when you are into the full swing of the holidays.

Prepare and Purchase Early

Although it may seem too early to begin preparation for a Christmas or New Year’s party, it is far better to start getting things in order now. Purchasing items now will help you beat the holiday shipping rush as well. Peruse our party supply website and make a list of all the items you need. You can even use this purchasing period to inspire new ideas you hadn’t previously envisioned. For example, maybe you planned an indoor New Year’s Eve party, but upon seeing our beautiful white canopies, you might decide to move your party outside. Write all of this down and do not hesitate to change your original plans. Because you are preparing early, you have the time and leeway to adjust the final vision for your party.

Plan Decorations

One of the best ways to make your party stand out is to create a festive environment through exceptional decor. Decorations are often put off until last minute at which point more pressing items like food, who is bringing the ice, and if Uncle Jim has a comfortable enough chair will push decor right off your party list. But simple things like stringing edison bulbs across your white canopy, or filling glass bowls with ornaments for Christmas will help your party stand out and appeal to all of your guests’ senses.

Relax and Enjoy the Season

With proper planning, purchasing ahead, and implementing your own inspiration and vision, you can throw an outstanding party that will create memories to last a lifetime. Remember to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Whether you are throwing a kid friendly Thanksgiving with a bounce house the kids will talk about for years to come, or an elegant New Year’s Eve party under the stars for friends, we are here to help you with many of the party goods you need. From fitted tablecloths to beautiful canopies, our online party store makes the purchasing process simple and hassle free. Call us at 844-438-3222 with any questions you may have!