The 5 Most Popular (and Profitable!) Foods to Have at Your Carnival

A carnival is a great community event, but it can also be a great way to raise money for your organization. Whether it's for a school, church, or a club, a family-friendly carnival can bring in lots of visitors who are willing to part with their money for a fun day out. One of the highest profit centers for a carnival like this is the food. Most markups on food are incredibly generous, especially if you have your own equipment and don’t have to bring in outside vendors. Having food at your event can also bring in more traffic and cause them to stay longer, bringing in more money. Here are some of the highest-profit and popular food items you can bring to your event and get all of the gear from our party outlet!

Try These Yummy Treats at Your Carnival


Popcorn is a carnival staple! People love to eat it and vendors love to sell it because it's easy to manage and offers plenty of profit. We offer popcorn starter kits that include the kernels, popcorn scooper, and bags to get you started. We also have popcorn machines capable of making all the popcorn you could possibly need. 

Hot Dogs

People love to bite into a plump, juicy hot dog! It's a great treat for every member of the family, and our hot dog steamer helps you keep a steady supply of delicious hot dogs and warm buns available for hungry carnival goers. This is one of the few carnival food options you can have that can also count as dinner, so parents love to see hot dog stands when they have hungry kids around. 

Snow Cones

Snow cones are nothing more than ice and sugar syrup, but boy, are they delicious! They are also easy to make and serve when you have the right equipment. A good snow cone machine will make the ice for you, so you don't have to worry about chipping it yourself or creating the right consistency. Pick up some syrups and you'll be in business. 

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy (sometimes known as Candy Floss) is one of those carnival treats that everyone loves. It's actually easier to make than you think, especially when you have one of the machine available in our online store. Simply twirl the empty cone inside the metal bowl and cotton candy seems to magically appear. It will delight your customers, young and old!

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