Spring Pop Up Tent Tips

With the Christmas trees back in storage and the ending of 2016, it is time to look ahead to the upcoming season. Although spring may feel like a distant reality, the truth is it will be upon us before we realize. Spring is one of the best seasons to use a pop up tent for your events. With the nice balmy weather and the bouts of spring showers, an event tent is the perfect way to ensure your outdoor spring party is a success. If you are looking for the best pop up tents for sale, check out our large array of options online. We have every size, color, material, and type of event tent for sale you can imagine. Once you have your party canopy, check out these quick spring pop up tent tips.

Proper Care

One of the best ways to ensure your pop up tent functions the way it should is to take good care of the tent. Make sure you keep the tent dry when you are storing it. Although it is fine for your party tent to weather a storm, dry it off before you put it away. A wet tent can wind up with mold or mildew growth. When you set up the large pop up tent, carefully inspect the material for any holes. It is best to catch a hole early on. Even a small pin prick can turn into a bigger issue if it is not repaired right away. Make note of any problem areas and attend to them before your party. Even small holes could leave your guests uncomfortable during a downpour. When you buy a party tent from Superior Supply, you know you will have a quality product, created to provide exceptional shelter for your guests.

Be Conscious Of Where You are Setting Up

Before you start decorating your whole event space, double check that the area you wish to set up your party tent is going to be the right size and that you can properly anchor it down in the area. If the ground is not solid enough to provide a good anchoring point, try to find a better area for the canopy. If you do not have solid ground available, make a plan for an alternate method for anchoring. Always prepare for the worst case scenario. If a big wind kicks up, will your tent stand?

Double Check Everything The Day Of Your Event

If you set your large party tent up before the actual event, make sure you double check the tent before guests arrive. Look over all the support bars, and check for any bends or weak spots. Are your anchor points still secure? Use this last once over to tidy things up, put a few finishing touches on your decor, and ready the area for guests. If the weather forecast has shifted at all, and the weather is looking worse than you anticipated, make sure you have a backup plan. Pop up tents make excellent party shelters to protect guests against the burning rays of the sun and even light rains, but party tents are not a good place to take shelter during massive spring thunderstorms. If the forecast is now calling for twister weather, take down the tent and relocate your guests to a safer location for the event.


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