Pop Up Tents to Keep Your Party Poppin’

It’s Officially Party Season

We know you’re well on your way to planning your annual backyard bash, barbeque, and other summer seasonal favorite gatherings. The fun part of the process often lies in making the guest list, and remembering all of the shenanigans you and your friends, family, and loved one shared just under a year prior. However, these guest lists seem to swell once we set our minds to it; it gets harder and harder to cut anyone from the list once we start thinking about all of the fun and festive facets each of our friends brings to our events. But alas, the name-striking has to begin somewhere… or does it? If you’re having trouble whittling down your guest list, are unsure of who all’s going to be at your shindig, or need to give guests more seating and standing options, then continue reading to see how easily your guests can be accommodated with our full line of large pop up tents, commercial tents, and party canopies for sale.

Prep ‘n’ Pop

Now that your guest list and invitations are finished, sent, and (hopefully) returned to you, you know enough about your attendees to begin figuring out how much food, beverage, and other party essentials and accessories you might need. However, the tricky part is always to narrow down how many people you can comfortably fit in- and outside. This is made a bit more complicated if the weather is much warmer in your area of the country than in others (we’re looking at you, Deep South), as it can inadvertently force your guests inside if the weather has become too warm and uncomfortable. To avoid this, we humbly recommend purchasing a large pop up tent or commercial tent large enough to accommodate a few extra guests — or at least half of your guests — should they find themselves gathered under your tent, filling their plates and glasses while avoiding the summer sun and chatting.

Which Pop Up Tent is Right for You?

While we offer several large party canopies and pop up tents for sale, there are a few models that have become nearly ubiquitous with summer celebration. Our classic, tried-and-true 10x10 EZ-UP Eclipse II offers smaller crowds shelter from the rays or rain while not taking up too much space in the yard. However, if you’re looking for something with a bit more oomph to accommodate larger crowds or tougher elements, check out our 10x10 EZ-UP HUT II Shelter, designed and coated to resist water and ultraviolet rays. Truly, this large pop up tent will keep you and your guests cool and dry no matter the weather.


Stay Cool While Staying Outside

Each large pop up tent and commercial tent from Superior-CEP-Supply is designed to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable. Accordingly, any of our numerous party canopies for sale are sure to please both you and your guests. Unsure about which of our numerous high-quality large pop up tents is right for you? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions , and we’ll be happy to become unofficial members of your party planning committee.