Bungalow Pop Up Tent For Elegant Events

Pop Up Tents For Parties & Events

When it comes to event and party planning, pop up tents are well known and commonly-used pieces of equipment. They allow planners the flexibility of having outdoor events without the fear of being rained out, and they keep the sun off of tailgaters, pool partiers, and even parents as they watch their children’s baseball games. With the sheer variety of uses, the pop up tent is an item that every household would benefit from having around.

But what about your more elegant events? Are you planning a backyard wedding, an outdoor corporate dinner party, or another classy outdoor event? Forget about those basic pop up tents with the four metal poles and the white fabric canopies. Your shelter should match the elegance of your event. Luckily, here at Superior Supply, our selection of pop up shelters includes a classy Bungalow style canopy by EZ-UP. Keep reading to learn more about this elegant pop up pavilion.

The Bungalow Preferred by EZ-UP

This style of pop up tent is available at in two sizes: 10 by 10 and 13 by 13. Choose the ideal size for your event, and watch this contemporary pop up transform your outdoor event space into a beautiful, elegant party venue. These high-quality pop up tents are easy to put up and easy to take down, and they’ll provide you with protection from the elements for years to come, so save them for another party, or use one to add some character to your home’s backyard.

The Bungalow Preferred tents available at Superior Supply are constructed using the highest quality materials. Each tent boasts an aluminum frame, stainless steel fasteners, and furniture-grade sidewalls that can be tied back using the included stylish tie-backs. To discover what else this product comes with, visit the product page here.

This elegant pop up tent comes in two color combinations, both of which offer crisp, clean design that is sure to compliment any residential or commercial landscaping. The first color combination, which is called “Luxe,” features a mostly brown pavilion with contrasting sand-colored accents. The second, called “Villa,” is mostly a lighter beige color and features mocha-colored accents for a simple, classic canopy.    

Don’t be afraid to plan your elegant event outdoors! The Bungalow style pop up tents for sale at Superior Supply are perfect for any event or party. Browse the rest of our pop up tent selection to discover the other Bungalow style tents we have to offer.