Four Tips For Your Client Event / Party

Whether you’re a massive corporation operating out of multiple states or a local small business selling your wares out of a shoebox-sized shop, you wouldn’t be where you are without your loyal customers and clients. Do you want to show your clients how much they mean to you? Show your customers how much you value their business with a customer event! Never thrown a client party before? Keep reading for some tips on making your event a success from our online party outlet. We know what it takes to throw an incredible party whether you want your clients to leave with their minds spinning around all of your new big ideas or you want them to leave in a swaying line of taxicabs and Ubers.  

Four Tips For a Successful Customer Event / Client Party

Determine Employee Involvement Early

One of the first things you will need to determine is whether or not employees will be included in the event. For a smaller business who is putting on more of a community event, employee attendance may not drastically change the guestlist; however, large corporations with hundreds of employees may decide not to include them in the client-based festivities because of cost restrictions. If your employees will be attending, what will their roles be? Will their only responsibilities be to take advantage of the open bar and enjoy themselves, or will they serve as your event’s waitstaff? Deciding all of this early on will help you build your guest list as well find out who among your staff would be willing to help out.  

Decide What They Will Be Eating and Drinking

This may seem like an obvious step, but food and drink at any event are always more complicated than they should be. Feeding your guests will require that you consider the amount of food, the type of food, whether or not you’ll be including substitutions for those with food allergies, etc. Your major decision on the drinks front will be whether or not you’ll be serving alcohol, and that choice will most likely be made based on what you have planned for entertainment and activities. If you have a band booked for a night of live music and dancing, then an open bar will probably be a welcome addition to your event. Conversely, if there will be guest speakers at your event, you may avoid serving hard liquor or any alcohol at all.

Plan How Will Your Guests Be Arriving/Leaving

Guest transportation is one of the most neglected aspects of planning a customer event, but it is vital to the safety of your guests if you will be serving alcohol. Will you invest in some party buses or limousines to bring your guest to the event in style, or will you reimburse them for taxi cab expenses? Deciding on the best plan of action will depend on the number of guests attending your event, the location, and many other factors, so there’s no perfect formula. The important thing is to provide your guests with some other means of transportation. While most of your customers probably have their own vehicles, they may decide not to come if they’re not sure how they’ll be getting home.  

Do Something Unpredictable

The last thing you want is for your guests to leave your client party whispering things like, “That was okay, but it wasn’t anything special.” This party is about your customers, so make sure they leave with your event burned into their memories with something unpredictable! Don’t host a casino night unless your business is somehow related to gambling; it’s been done before. Try a theme you’ve never seen before, or invest in something extra to entertain your guests.

May We Suggest Some Inflatable Fun?

Whether or not you decide that alcohol will be served at your party, a bounce house or other inflatable could be the fun treasure you need to push your client event over the top. At our online party outlet, we offer a wide selection of inflatables from classic bounce houses and sticky walls to inflatable games like twister and skeeball. Your customers and clients will love the opportunity to feel like kids again. Wouldn’t you?

Here at Superior Supply, we provide all of the equipment, activities, and accessories you need for a successful event all on one secure online store. Shop our inflatables selection today for a fun addition to your party. We also offer party tents, tables and chairs, and more. Shop online today, and have a fantastic client event!

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