How to Stock Up For Your Summer Shindigs

Get A Head Start on Summer

It’s nearly inevitable that you’ll find yourself attending at least one outdoor party this summer, especially if you’re among those in some of the country’s warmest and most inviting climates. Moreover, you may find yourself at the helm of planning a party of your own! If so, you’ll probably take a short spin on the emotional roller coaster that accompanies most party planners, especially when confronted with the task of procuring all party goods from various party suppliers. If you’re like most who have been tasked with party planning, you want a short, sweet, and successful run to grab all of your party supplies and to get back to planning. Fortunately, Superior-CEP-Supply is here to meet all of your party planning needs. Need some convincing? Take a peek at our vast selection of party equipment, concession supplies and concession equipment, and Daily Deals, and leave the picking, packing, and shipping to us.

Pepped Up Party Popcorn & Cotton Candy

No matter how much planning goes into your event, the end result is usually one that has guests smiling, laughing, and looking forward to your next event on the way out. But before you’re rewarded with hugs and high fives, you’ve got to get the party goods to amp up said party. For starters, if you’re planning a family-friendly event and are looking to have readily available snacks with minimal mess and clean up, we can’t recommend highly enough our popcorn machine supplies, especially Paragon’s 4 oz Thrifty Popcorn Machine. This bad boy pops up 92 ounces of deliciously buttery, salty savory popcorn an hour, all but ensuring that your youngest guests (and, let’s be honest, most of your more seasoned guests, as well) will have snacks available before and after (and during) the main course.  But if you’re looking for something just a tad bit sweeter, our cotton candy machines offer you the opportunity to add some flare to your food offerings, whipping up to 200 servings per hour.

Jump Into Party Season

Food and drinks are often the most common items that come to mind when planning parties. But what about entertainment that the whole family can enjoy? If you’re feeling adventurous or want a safe, fun way for the kids to burn off some energy, we can’t recommend enough one of our commercial inflatables or bounce houses. Not only are these massive and massively fun inflatables great for working up an appetite before dinner, they’re also a great entertainment piece, even among other party goods; what better way to bridge the generation gap than laughing and jumping around together?

Spring Ahead and Get Ready to Party

We know you have a lot on your mind when it comes to party planning. Accordingly, let Superior-CEP-Supply do the heavy lifting for your party; you choose among our numerous party supplies store, and we’ll have it sent your way before you can snag your local necessities. Certainly, not all party suppliers can deliver on such a promise. However, Superior-CEP-Supply knows how to party, and we want to pass the fun on to you. Ready to get started? Get in touch with us for any questions, concerns, or to begin your order today.