How to Keep Guests Cool No Matter the Weather

Whether you are hosting a wedding or a festival for the town, you want your guests to be as comfortable as possible. One of the biggest challenges that any host will deal with is helping their guests stay cool during an outdoor event. While you may be thankful for the clear skies and beautiful weather, you'll start to resent the sun when it's sending your guests home in droves. When the temperatures climb too high, you'll have cranky event goers who aren't inclined to spend any more of their time or their money with you. But managing the heat can make your event a huge success! Here are some great tips from our party outlet about how to keep your guests cool when the sun is at its hottest. 

Try These Tips to Keep Guests Cool

Set up plenty of pop-up tents.

One of the easiest ways to keep event goers cool is to provide them with plenty of shade. All too often event areas are out in the open; it could be a parking lot or a big field, but most outdoor event spaces aren't known for their shade. That's where pop-up tents can come in. Setting up plenty of tents can provide protection from the sun while still allowing event goers to enjoy the festivities. Bonus points for providing chairs and some cool beverages in the tents. 

Offer cool treats. 

Cool beverages are good, but that's not all you can do! Consider adding some other cool treats to the menu, such as ice cream or snow cones. It's a great way to cool off for both kids and adults. You'll want to make sure you have the right equipment for the job, or else you could end up with a lot of demand and not enough of a supply. Treats like snow cones are a very affordable addition to your party budget. 

Get out the fans. 

Just moving a little air around can make a big difference on a still, hot day. Industrial-sized fans can provide a nice breeze for event goers, and this can be a big hit when you pair them with a pop-up tent. Consider adding misters to the fans, too, in order to give event goers a much-needed (and appreciated!) dose of cool water on their skin. Some events are offering fans in the VIP areas, which can boost ticket sales. If it's a private event like a wedding, that breeze can keep the party going until the sun goes down (and so do the temperatures). 

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