How to Decide which Commerical Inflatable is Right For You

Punctual Party Planners: Rejoice!

With warm weather fast on its way, many of us are in the early stages of planning our vacations, staycations, and outdoor events. While it can be easy to get caught up in the promise of warmer days in the not-too-distant future, planning your party well in advance can drastically cut down on the anxiety you have leading up to your big shindig. We understand there are myriad tasks for which you must plan when planning your party. That’s why Superior CEP Supply has made it easier to learn about, explore, and decide which of our commercial inflatables, best matches you and your party’s needs.  

Who’s Going to be There?

We know all too well the importance (and fragility) of an attendee list. Preparing the right amount of food, providing enough drinks, and ensuring there’s enough space for your guests to park are all reliant on how many people have RSVP’d (or, let’s get real; how many people have clicked ‘Yes’ on your event page). And while having hard and fast attendee numbers is nearly necessary for food, beverage, and other guest-specific items, each of our commercial inflatables gives you wriggle room in planning for that handful of guests that may or may not show. How? Simply, you don’t need to know the exact number of guests who will be bouncing, slipping, and sliding atop and across our fun and festive commercial inflatables.

Pounce on the Bounce: Reserve or Buy Early

Having but a general idea of your number of guests actually gives you more flexibility in deciding which commercial inflatable is right for your and your guests’ party needs. Moreover, as alluring and fun-filled as our bounce houses, slides, and other inflatables are, not all guests will be taking part in the bouncing festivities. (Hey, we’re not here to judge). However, with those guests in mind, there’s always one or two guests who bring additional people. Do they bounce? Are they planning on jumping? Simply, you never know who all will be taking part in the bounce fun until your guests arrive. We at Superior-CEP-Supply have a few tips that lessen the headache of planning:


  • Too Many? Too Late - It’s always a good idea to have a little too much room, rather than creating an unsafe bounce environment due to too many jumpers. For larger parties, try our big blue and red front slide-and-bounce combo castle on for size.
  • Themes & Screams - Got a sports fan (or a dozen) coming to your event? Add some pizazz with our conversation-starting large soccer bounce-and-slide combo (which also qualifies for free shipping!) is sure to keep all your sports-loving guests entertained.
  • Send Them South - While the weather is warming, many of us are still far from climes that afford palm tree growth. If only for the afternoon (or much longer if you’re looking for commercial inflatables for sale), send your guests with our tropical bounce combo with an attached pool. This bounce-and-slide combo is sure to get your guests in the mood for summer.

Plan Your Spring or Summer Shindig Today

You know your party needs better than anyone, and Superior-CEP-Supply is here to help meet those needs. Get in touch with us to rent or buy your new commercial inflatables today!