We Have the Bounce House For Your Party

Commercial inflatables, such as bounce houses, slides, and other fun moon bouncers typically get the same mass reaction from kids at birthdays or other types of parties, and it goes something along the lines of, “YAAAS, THERE’S A BOUNCY CASTLE!” (Cue the mad dash to the inflatable fun pen.) There’s really no mystery here. Bounce houses give kids the freedom to run, jump, skip, play, and horse around within an environment that doesn’t hurt when they fall down or barrel headfirst into a wall. As a young child, there are few things better than a commercial inflatable. Why not include one of the inflatables available online right here at Superior Supply? We have an inflatable perfect for any party theme.

Pool Birthday Party

Does your child’s birthdate fall during the warm summer months? Why not plan an awesome pool party for his or her birthday celebration? If you don’t have a pool, that’s no problem. Our wide selection of commercial inflatables includes this charming and tropical bounce, slide, and pool combo! Your child and his or her little friends will love jumping, sliding, and swimming in this combination inflatable.

Sports Birthday Party

When you opt for a sport-themed birthday party for the little athlete in your family, you can take advantage of the activity-driven commercial inflatables we have available here at Superior Supply. Your aspiring football star will love competing against his or her friends at the dueling quarterback toss, and young hockey-lovers will spend hours perfecting their slapshots with the hockey shootout.     

Car Birthday Party

Many American families have at least one child who is obsessed with cars, trucks, and every other type of motor vehicle. If you are already nodding your agreement with a certain name already in your head, then you simply must check out our giant 4x4 truck bouncer. Your young vehicle enthusiast may faint when he or she sees this unique and fun commercial inflatable set up at the party. Or scream. Either way, it’s sure to be a big hit.

Indoor Party

If planning your child’s birthday outdoors is not an option because of where you live or the time of year, why not consider a mini indoor bounce house? This commercial inflatable makes the perfect addition to an indoor birthday party, or it can stay in your basement year round if you like. It’s small enough to make it the perfect indoor activity, but it’s plenty big enough for hours of bouncy fun.  

Holiday Party

Commercial inflatables aren’t just fun for birthday parties. Family reunions, corporate events, and holiday parties are all great opportunities to include a bouncer. Set up this snowman bounce house at your winter holiday party to keep the kids entertained while you catch up with your extended family and old friends. Keep shopping our selection of commercial inflatables, and see if you can think up any more great party ideas!

All commercial inflatables that are purchased through Superior Supply will ship for free! Please contact us online with any questions, and enjoy your party!