Spring into Summer With Bounce House Fun

Bid Farewell to Snow and Slush and Say Hello to Sun and Fun!

Winter can be brutal. The long hours we spend inside, rather than outside, seem to compound and our desire to make it outside (longer than just running from house to car, car to work, and repeat) grows stronger and more fierce everyday. Fortunately, the snow and slush are beginning to melt, signaling the return of longer, warmer days. And we all know what warmer days bring, right? If you’re new to the party, the forthcoming warm, sunny days are the perfect excuse to get together with friends, family, and BBQ — and bounce houses.

Think about it: you’d be hard-pressed to find other commercial inflatables for sale that bring as much unbridled joy, fun, and silliness as an inflatable bounce house. Each inflatable bounce house for sale or rent is designed to make your party pop, and is sure to be a hit among older and younger guests alike. Still need some convincing? Read on to learn more about how buying or renting an inflatable bounce house adds pizzaz and silly tomfoolery to your backyard shindig.


“So Many Bounce Houses From Which to Choose, How Do I Begin to Decide?”

At this point, you might be thinking, “Hey! A bounce house does sound like a blast! ...but I have no idea where to start.” Luckily for you, Superior Catering, Event, and Party Supply is your one-stop shop for all inflatable bounce houses and inflatable accessories, as well as all the odds and ends to keep your bounce house bountiful and your guests glued to food and fun. When choosing which bounce house best fits your party’s needs, we suggest first considering how many guests you’ll be entertaining. Just having a few adults and kids running around? Our mini purple and orange bounce house may be for what you’re looking. This company-favorite bouncer is perfect for smaller parties, or blowing up when your kids are craving some outdoor time. Small enough to store in the garage and with quick and easy setup, this bouncer is just what you need to add some flare to your outdoor affair.

"...But What if I Need More Bounce Space?"

Planning a slightly larger gathering and not too sure how many are coming? We’ve got you covered; SuperiorCEP understands there’s always an element of uncertainty to parties, which is why our blue, red, and yellow bouncer is perfect for accommodating medium-to-high volume parties. A bouncer of this size lets you plan the rest of the party’s events without having to worry about how many people will be bopping around the bounce house. But if you’re throwing your annual blowout or looking to add some more space per person, our Castle Bounce House II is the perfect match. Give your guests some space to jump, bounce, and dance around with this top-of-the-hops bouncer. Still have questions about sizes, prices, and how to make your next party the most poppin’ party you’ve had in recent memory? Get in touch with us today to learn more or to begin planning your next big bash!