Choosing an Inflatable Bounce House for Your Event

From birthday parties to fun fall celebrations, throwing an event where kids are present requires having enough entertainment to keep the little ones occupied and out of trouble. There are few things that bring more fun to the young ones than an inflatable bounce house. As your trusted source for affordable, quality, commercial inflatable bounce houses, we are here to provide you with a few tips when it comes to choosing the right inflatable bounce house for your upcoming event. Check out these quick keys to ensuring you choose the right inflatable bouncer for your needs!

What is the event?

The first consideration is to think about is the event type. If it is a birthday party for your son, consider an inflatable that matches your theme. For example, we have a Mini Loader inflatable combo that might fit your needs. This bounce house also features an inflatable slide and stands out with its unique design which mimics the look of a mini loader. This inflatable would be the perfect showcase for a construction themed birthday party. We also offer Castle Bounce Houses that pair well with fairy tale themed parties. In fact, if you have hit a wall with your party planning and cannot come up with a theme yourself, try perusing our bounce house selections. You might find inspiration for your party and you can then plan to coordinate your decor with your new inflatable bounce house.

How old are the kids attending?

If you have a lot of kids who are extremely young coming to your party, you might want a standard bounce house which does not require much coordination for enjoyment. But if you have older kids attending your event, you may want to consider an obstacle course style inflatable. For example, we offer a Supreme Sticky Wall inflatable that will supply great fun for kids of all ages!

How many kids are coming to the event?

If you are throwing a shindig with dozens of children, you will want to consider an inflatable bounce house that accommodates the number of guests you are planning on attending. Kids are not known for their patience and waiting in line for a bounce house can lead to unhappy young ones and unhappy parents. The good news is we provide a variety of sizes for our bounce houses, so there is something to accommodate any party size. You can also keep kids who are waiting in line occupied with some of our smaller interactive game inflatables. The right bounce house will provide hours of entertainment for the little ones at your next party. Did you know we can even personalize your new inflatable with a two line banner with your choice of messaging? Our inflatables also come with limited warranties. As always, do not hesitate to call us with any questions about our inflatable bounce houses. From large commercial inflatables to small interactive game inflatables, we are your one stop party outlet shop! Call us at 844-438-3222, M-F 8am-4:30pm CST. We look forward to assisting you with your next event.