3 of Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Your Event Tent

If you have been looking at pop up tents for sale and contemplating purchasing one for your next event, read on to learn how you can continue to get the most out of your event tent. Large pop up tents can help you turn any outdoor space into an event space that is comfortable for your guests and more spacious than being crammed into a room. We have compiled a list of the many situations in which your new pop up tent will come in handy. Investing in a high quality party tent instead of only renting will save you money down the road. The following are all excellent ways to put your new party canopy to good use, year round.


1. Birthday Parties

Next time you host a birthday party, consider hosting it outside. When you buy a party tent, you can simply pull the tent out for the party, set it up through a simple process, and create the perfect outdoor space for your birthday party. By taking your birthday party outside, you will save yourself a lot of clean up time and worry. This can be especially helpful for children’s birthday parties. Instead of letting a zoo of kids spill cake and punch on your beautiful carpet, set up the party on your lawn where spills won’t cause a need for tears. With the beautiful canopy shading your little guests from the sun, you can relax and let kids be kids. In fact, you can even pair this with a fun inflatable to keep the kids occupied and out of your house, away from all your valuables. Lead the kids in fun kinetic games without spending the party worrying about your vase from Milan getting knocked over and broken.


Outdoor birthday parties aren’t just for the kids. Host an evening birthday party with beautifully strung edison bulbs to create a classy outdoor affair. Upgrade from plastic chairs and tables to elegant wooden chairs and lacy table cloths to make this outdoor event a night to remember.

2. Wedding Rehearsal Dinners & Receptions

Is someone in your family or circle of friends planning an upcoming wedding? Use your brand new party canopy to host a beautiful outdoor rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. The beauty of owning your own pop up tent is that you can turn almost any outdoor space into an entertainment area. You can even set up a live band under the canopy to add extra ambiance. Our pop up tents for sale are easy to set up and we carry a huge array of sizes.


If you own a few tents you can easily create a large enough outdoor space to host a beautiful outdoor wedding as well. You can use the same space to double as the reception area by simply setting up tables amongst the chairs. String decorations along the canopy to create a beautiful space that matches the bride’s taste. You can help your family member or friend save money on their wedding by offering up your new party tent.

3. Holiday Parties

Whether it is an evening under the stars to ring in the New Year, or a mid summer 4th of July party, owning your own party tents will allow you to create fun holiday parties with room for everyone. If you do not own a large home, you can wind up feeling like your guests are crammed uncomfortably in your small rooms, stealing away from the ambiance of the party. When you move the event outside, you give people more breathing space, allowing for a more comfortable event. You can even host holiday parties that feature both indoor and outdoor space for your guests. By setting up a party tent outside, you can allow guests to mill between your home and yard freely, without sacrificing shelter from the elements.


As you can see, these three ideas for using your canopy tent will allow you to get the most out of your new investment. If you have been considering the purchase of a party tent, please peruse our excellent selection of high quality party canopies. Once you buy your very own party tent, get creative and keep using your tent for every event you can.